26 Nov 2020

This website is operated by Netofex Lead Agency. Netofex is an online marketing agency based in Groningen. We carry out campaigns for various products and services. We manage various websites where free up-to-date information is made available on topics related to our marketing campaigns. Interested persons can click through from our advertorials and leave their information on a form. Then our customer gets in touch to discuss the service further or to issue a free quote. In some cases, a purchase can also be made directly through the forms. This is clearly stated. In some cases the fill-in form is on our customer’s domain and Netofex does not receive the information you enter. In these cases the privacy policy applies to our customer, which must be stated on the form. In other cases, Netofex itself receives the data that you enter. Then the privacy policy of Netofex counts and is clearly mentioned on the advertorial.


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